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Ilona Box – Warrimo, NSW 

BAL FZ Bushfire Shutters

Bryce and his team provide excellent service and support for a product that I am proud to have on my BAL-Flame Zone constructed home. Bryce worked with my building designer and window manufacturer to include the maximum sized window and best shutter combinations that maximised my view. I haven't had to use my shutters for a bush fire on my property (fingers crossed I never will).

I have used the shutters when there was a high level of danger from fire, storms and high winds. I feel secure when the conditions are bad and my shutters are closed. It takes me 5 minutes to close or open all 10 shutters. I have used the shutters to keep my house cool in summer. Outside temperatures have been in the 30's to 40's during the day for a week and my inside temperature didn't go over 30 and I don't have air conditioning. I just used the shutters to keep out the heat during the day and opened up the house at night. When it isn't so hot - high 20's and low 30's - it's easy to work the shutters as the sun moves across the house, opening and closing shutters as needed. During winter we close the shutters at dusk. We rarely have a temperature drop of more than one degree overnight, even when the temperature is in single digits. We tend to set the central heating at 15 or 16 degrees at night and the heater never has to come on.

The shutters would be great for shift workers. On days when my partner needs to sleep after working till 3 or 4 am we use the shutters so that he can sleep till the afternoon. Light and noise are both just about eliminated. They are also handy when there is a party in the neighbourhood that is running a bit loud. We can block out the noise so that it is muted and muffled enough to let us get to sleep.

One of our windows looks into our neighbour's window. When we want privacy we close the shutter. Because we have shutters we are considering not having blinds or curtains on some windows. I wish I had added a security feature so that when we are on holidays not only can we close the shutters but also lock them.

The after sales service Bryce provided was excellent. He helped me understand how to maintain and keep my shutters in good order. He also made adjustments once the shutters were installed and settled on their hinges. I am exceedingly pleased that I have my shutters and that I use them every day of the year.

Herman and Mary Klein – Warburton, Vic

BAL FZ Bushfire Shutters

When we were renovating our Warburton property in 2010, we were seeking window and other building products to comply with our Flame Zone bushfire rating.

After meeting Bryce from Sonnenschutz, all our window challenges were solved. Sonnenschutz designed and installed their shutters, and we love them! Security while we are away, thermally awesome in summer, and solved the BAL FZ fire rating. After sales service and support is great too, with adjustments and minor issues quickly resolved. I would highly recommend the team at Sonnenschutz.

Craig Guttridge – Carlton, Vic

External Venetian Blinds

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how pleased we are with the Automatic Shutters. You wont believe the difference they have made to the temp to the rooms facing north, by as much as 10 Degrees difference during summer.

Thank you again for the service and attention to detail the end result looks fantastic, and the automation feature is a god send.

Twice we have come home in the middle of a heavy storm and found the shutters had neatly tucked themselves away. 

Feel free to use the attached pics and I look forward with dealing with you on the next project.