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All products are suitable for new builds or retrofitting.

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Bushfire Shutters and Safety Products

While Sonnenschutz can make shutters for all BAL levels, the BAL FZ shutter system is our hero product, where we are by far the most cost effective tested solution for BAL FZ window protection.

We can also make shutters for lower BAL levels, though this is seldom to most cost effective way to deliver BAL compliance below BAL FZ. This is usually done where the customer wants shutters, and the shutter provides the BAL compliance leaving them totally free on the window choice.

With BAL FZ, our shutters are the most economical to deliver a safe and compliant window solution. We also find our customers don’t need to think about closing the shutters for bushfire, as they close them in hot weather to keep the house cool. This is a great harmony, where your comfort and safety go hand in hand.

To compliment the shutters, we can also offer steel framed BAL FZ windows. There are times where a shutter is not the right solution. Entry and panic exit doors, gable windows and clerestory windows are some such applications where a window is the only practical solution. Often the shutters and windows are used in combination on a building, to deliver the desired aesthetic and cost outcomes.

Talk to us about your needs, and feel free to see our gallery for a sample of our works.

Bushfire DangerBushfire Danger






    - BAL-FZ shutters for full Flame Zone protection
    - BAL-40 compliant shutters in steel or aluminium
    - BAL-29 timber shutters for improved protection








Whilst up to BAL-29 is reasonably economical to achieve   compliance with window products, Shade&Shield shutters   provide the added advantage of shading, security and   impact protection during storms or bushfires.








Our BAL-FZ shutters achieve this level of safety through:

  • Reinforced steel frame finished in durable powder coat
  • Patented panel technology
  • Dedicated shutter hardware with multi-point lock/latching
  • Intumescent seals

    Please see Gallery  for more Images