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Ability to save life

BAL-FZ shutters withstand the gruelling 1.5 hour test with temperatures exceeding 850 degrees. Radiated heat through the shutters does not exceed 6kW/m2, which is less than half of the 15kW allowed by the new Australian Standards.


First approved bushfire safety shutters for the highest Bushfire Attack Level Flame Zone

After exhaustive testing, Shade&Shield Shutters by Sonnenschutz were the first to pass BAL-FZ Flame Zone requirements. Our shutters make it now possible to use standard windows with 5mm toughened glass for BAL-FZ compliance.

These new fire resistant shutters meet the AS3959-2009 and AS1530.8.2.


Our BAL-FZ shutters achieve this level of safety through:

  • Reinforced steel frame finished in durable powder coat
  • Patented panel technology
  • Dedicated shutter hardware with multi-point lock/latching
  • Intumescent seals


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