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We are committed to a sustainable future with architectural flexibility and style.

All products are suitable for new builds or retrofitting.

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Shading glass from the outside is the only effective way to stop unwanted solar gain. The most effective internal window coverings will stop ~40% of the solar gain, and the room is dark when used. Let Sonnenschutz explain how you can maintain your desired level of natural light, and ventilation while blocking 90% of the solar gain.

Sonnenschutz treats each customer’s situation on its individual merit, and the customer’s budget. We also pride ourselves in providing solutions that work, increasing you comfort, while saving you money on cooling.


Sonnenschutz was the first, and is to this day still the only shutter system fully tested to AS1530.8.2 for BAL FZ. The importance of this is that the shutter system not only survives the fire, but protects you from the radiant heat. Your windows will be intact post the fire too, leaving your home habitable.

While Sonnenschutz can make shutters for all BAL levels, the BAL FZ shutter system is our hero product, where we are by far the most cost effective tested solution.



We manufacture and supply many physical security systems. Starting with shutters for windows/doors/openings in your building, and ranging through to custom secure storage systems (great for tools!), and custom bollard/entry barrier systems. Call us to discuss your needs.